3 Biggest takeaways from Atlanta Falcons win over New Orleans

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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2. Arthur Smith and Desmond Ridder are still problems for the Atlanta Falcons

For this week all that matters is the Falcons beat their hated rival, took the all-time series lead, and took a playoff spot from the Saints. That should be the focus and for once Atlanta Falcons fans have a reason to feel good going into next week against the Jets.

With all that said, this game continued to show why Arthur Smith and Desmond Ridder are problems for the Falcons. Smith's play-calling and Ridder's interceptions are both backbreaking and put this team in continual holes. The Falcons are their own worst enemy and only put this game away when the defense started making plays and the offense kept it simple.

With the game on the line Arthur Smith went back to the run game and that is why the Falcons won this game. Ridder had a great throw to Bijan for a clutch touchdown, however, if not for Ridder's two terrible interceptions that play isn't as needed as it was. Give Ridder and Smith credit for finding a way to win. But all the problems that have been losing this team games are still clearly there for the Atlanta offense.