3 bold predictions for Atlanta Falcons coming out of the bye

Bold predictions for the Atlanta Falcons as they exit their week 11 bye
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages
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2. Bijan Robinson leads the league in touches and yards over final seven games

In Bijan Robinson's home state of Arizona, it finally seemed as though Arthur Smith got the hint that giving the ball to Bijan usually results in the offense moving the ball down the field. Will he continue that? I have no clue.

Truthfully, the only reason this is a "bold prediction" is because this is Arthur Smith we are talking about. He seems to forget about his best players. But that may change if he feels his job is at stake.

Anyway, Bijan was fifth in the NFL in touches in week 10. Continually being in the top five each week could land you in first place over the final seven weeks. And with those touches, come yards and we know that Bijan can maximize yardage with the ball in his hands.