3 Boring quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could settle for in 2024

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The Atlanta Falcons clearly will attempt to swing big in the quarterback market this offseason. The team will look to bring in someone like Caleb Williams, Justin Fields, or Jayden Daniels. Players who have their best years ahead of them and could be franchise answers for a team still attempting to replace Matt Ryan.

Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot clearly failed at the quarterback position pushing Matt Ryan out in favor of Desmond Ridder, Marcus Mariota, and Taylor Heinicke. To be fair, however, it seems a lot of this was due to Arthur Blank having a hand in chasing after Deshaun Watson.

The Falcons need a big move at the position to set the tone for Raheem Morris and that is most likely to happen in the draft. The only issue with this is the Falcons have the 8th overall pick. If they want to have their choice at quarterback they are likely going to need to trade up.

If they are unable or unwilling to pay the price that takes what could Atlanta's options be? There are three names that stand out that are uninspiring but would make the Falcons a playoff team and give them a chance to contend in the NFC.