3 Boring quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could settle for in 2024

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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1. Russell Wilson

If there is one player in the league that has reason to dislike Sean Payton as much as Atlanta Falcons fans it is Russell Wilson. The Broncos benched the veteran quarterback right when he started playing well. Wilson isn't the star player he was in Seattle, however, he is still a capable veteran who can do enough to consistently win.

This would be even more the case when you don't have to play in a stacked AFC playing Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes twice a year. Wilson is a game manager at this point who can make the needed throws in the right system.

Wilsons isn't the answer that Atlanta Falcons fans want but would be all the things fans hoped Desmond Ridder would be. Wilson's scrambling ability is still there when needed and the veteran clearly is going to be motivated after being set up for failure in Denver.

Russell Wilson is a great fallback option and fits the type of players Terry Fontenot typically targets. If the Falcons have to settle for drafting a quarterback after the first three options are off the board Wilson could be brought in to contend for a starting role as well.