3 Boring quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could settle for in 2024

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2. Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz failed in Philly, Washington, and with the Colts having great moments with all three teams but was unable to consistently win. Wentz plays hero ball far too often and it ends with poorly timed interceptions or sacks that didn't have to be taken. All of the ability is there but Wentz just hasn't found the right fit since Nick Foles stole his mojo in Philly.

It was a season that Wentz was playing at an MVP level and a career backup found a way to continue to the magic by beating Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. In the years that have followed Wentz has continued to show flashes but is no longer a top-ten caliber player.

Carson in Atlanta works if the team wants to bring in a cheap option and focus on building out the roster. If they are unable to reach for Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, or Drake Maye they are going to be in a questionable position. Drafting a quarterback to compete with Wentz or Wilson could be the best position the Falcons find themselves in. Atlanta fans would be upset but it is a real possibility and would be a huge upgrade over Mariota, Heinicke, and Ridder.