3 Boring quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could settle for in 2024

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3. Kirk Cousins

The best of the veteran options Atlanta could sign is Kirk Cousins. Cousins is a top-ten quarterback in this league and would make the Falcons NFC contenders. The obvious issue with this move is that you must sign Cousins as the starter. With Wilson or Wentz you sign the boring veterans to come in and compete with a rookie or younger option. This places Desmond Ridder as the third quarterback on the roster.

If you sign Kirk Cousins, you likely have Ridder as the backup with Kirk as the unquestioned starter. Short term this could be the best move the Falcons could make at the position. Cousins is going to demand top of the market value in a terrible quarterback market.

It is well deserved and the Falcons would be clear NFC contenders. The issue comes when you consider the young players Atlanta still needs to pay and the obvious holes on the roster. However, if the team is unable to get themselves in a position to add Justin Fields, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, or Caleb Williams what other choice do they have?

Adding Kirk wouldn't be a popular move but it is a winning one. The Falcons would still need to plan for the future but would buy themselves a bit more time if they can't trade themselves into position this offseason.