3 Brilliant moves the Atlanta Falcons should make

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3. Make a play for Lamar Jackson following the draft

Clearly, if the Falcons were to give up next year's first-round pick then they become ineligible to make an offer to Lamar Jackson but if they don't, they should seriously consider it.

There is also a lot that goes into this like offering enough guaranteed money, making an offer that the Ravens can't/won't match, being confident that he can stay healthy, and dealing with the ire of other owners around the league for giving so much in guarantees. It is a lot to mess with but if it lands you a Lombardi Trophy, who the heck cares?

Lamar Jackson would transform this Falcons' offense and with their defense looking a lot better on paper (especially with, hopefully, a franchise pass rusher), they would be a brand new team in 2023. Inserting one of the two most dynamic athletes at quarterback ever, into arguably the best running offense, would be magical.

There isn't much else to say, this proposition may be just too good to pass up. How often does a former-MVP QB who is in his mid-20s become available?

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