3 Changes the Atlanta Falcons could make to become a playoff contender

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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1. Hire someone to help with Smith's passing concepts

Sunday was yet another example of why Desmond Ridder deserves some grace from Atlanta Falcons fans. Yes, the quarterback's mistakes and misses have made it impossible to get behind him as a franchise guy. However, each week when you review the tape what jumps out is how little separation his receivers get and the passing concepts.

Having little to no depth at receiver is a Arthur Smith tradition dating back to year one when Matt Ryan had undesized receivers and a rookie Kyle Pitts as his primary targets. While the addition of Drake London has helped this issue hasn't greatly improved.

If you don't have great depth or talent at receiver you need great passing concepts. Arthur Smith seems to prefer his receivers to run crossers and comebacks and far too often have 2-3 receivers in the exact same part of the field. Any Madden player knows that clumping your receivers together results in a myriad of defenders that are daring you to throw in that direction.

Smith's concepts simply aren't working the head coach needs to swallow his pride and go out and bring in someone to help Atlanta in this stretch run. There are plenty of veteran coaches sitting at home that would gladly draw up plays that certainly have to be better than what we have seen.