3 Changes the Atlanta Falcons could make to become a playoff contender

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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2. Take the pressure off Desmond Ridder

The first move of adding a passing game consultant will help but that shouldn't be the end of Atlanta's changes for Ridder. Desmond isn't a franchise quarterback and has been a liability for this offense. The consistent turnovers and lack of ability to count on their passing game has cost the Falcons.

Atlanta is sitting at 6-6 on the season it is easy to make an argument with a capable quarterback the Falcons are 8-4 on the season and locking up the NFC South. The version of Desmond that we saw against the Panthers and Jets this season is going to be closer to what we see the rest of the year.

The Jets defense is the last truly great unit that the Falcons are going to face the rest of the way in the regular season. Atlanta is going to be able to get away with leaning on their quarterback to make 3-4 big throws each game and let the rushing attack and defense carry this roster. Simplify what you're asking Ridder to do and focus on the screen game and rushing attack. Ball control and taking away responsibility from Ridder is what will help this offense the most down the stretch.