3 Changes the Atlanta Falcons could make to become a playoff contender

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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3. Be willing to make a veteran addition

There are receivers on the market that would improve Atlanta's depth with Mack Hollins unable to get healthy and everyone not named Drake London struggling. There are veteran receivers that wouldn't have a huge impact but greatly improve the team.

Shaquille Leonard is another fit the Falcons should explore with the injuries at the position. There is also depth needed in the secondary that is on the market. Wouldn't the Falcons be better off bringing in Casey Hayward to replace Tre Flowers or Mike Hughes? Regardless of what the roster improvements look like this is a team that needs to make 1-2 moves to give an extra boost and show belief in their current roster.

Even if the move is as simple as adding a player like Jarvis Landry or Kenny Golladay the Falcons need to get a bit better. The receiver position is the most obvious but better depth on this roster is needed at multiple positions due to injuries.