3 Clear ways the Atlanta Falcons must improve in the 2023 season

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys
Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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1. Late game coaching must improve

While Arthur Smith has done a lot of things well for the Falcons the one issue that plagued the last coaching staff has continued in Atlanta. Whether it was against the Chargers or the Saints (in either matchup) there were key coaching mistakes made that cost the Falcons a chance to win games.

Part of the issue for the Falcons' coaching staff was a lack of needed talent or consistent play from the quarterback position. However, there is no excuse for the leads that Atlanta let slip away with poor play calling or simply going into a soft zone coverage far too early in the game allowing a predictable comeback.

Atlanta's defense was put under consistent pressure due to Mariota's turnovers or inability to sustain a consistent drive but this doesn't excuse the poor schemes that Arthur Smith and Dean Pees used in those situations that allowed multiple comebacks.

The addition of Jerry Gray and Ryan Nielsen should go a long way in fixing Atlanta's poor situational defense. Both coaches are well accomplished and will clearly have a large role in re-making a defense that now has the needed pieces to take a step forward.