3 Colossal moves the Atlanta Falcons could still make this offseason

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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2. Falcons trade for Ravens' QB Lamar Jackson and subsequently trade QB Desmond Ridder

There has been no shortage of reports that the Atlanta Falcons will not pursue Lamar Jackson this offseason. Then that idea was cemented when Taylor Heinicke signed with Atlanta and stated that his job was to come in and be Desmond Ridder's backup.

However, what if this is all a smokescreen? Much like the NFL Draft, teams put little narratives out to diminish the spotlight on them. There are numerous benefits to doing that like increasing leverage, could that be the case behind the Heinicke statement?

It may be unlikely, but following the draft, the Falcons could come out of nowhere and offer Lamar Jackson a contract that the Ravens can't match. They would then land the all-time talent for two first-round picks.

This would also basically push Desmond Ridder out the door with the recent addition of Heinicke. The Ravens could be among those interested in the young quarterback, for what it is worth.