3 Colossal moves the Atlanta Falcons could still make this offseason

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3. Falcons trade for Bengals WR Tee Higgins

Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver Tee Higgins could be another big wide receiver that the Atlanta Falcons target. There have been talks in the media about the Bengals potentially trading the jump ball specialist due to his expiring contract and the inevitable mega-extension of Joe Burrow. and others. However, Bengals GM Duke Tobin stated that he wouldn't trade Higgins.

Sure, you can say that until you get an offer you cannot refuse, could that come from the Falcons?

It certainly could happen considering they need another receiver, and as I stated with Hopkins, Tee Higgins would be an amazing mentor for Drake London. Oh, and they would make for a pretty good pairing out on the gridiron.

Tobin could have made that statement to gain leverage and drive up the price of Higgins. After all, there is a reason the media has identified Higgins as a potential 'you can't pay everyone' casualty. Tee Higgins would be a huge addition to the Falcons' offense.

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