3 Day two draft needs the Atlanta Falcons should be focused on

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1. Edge Rusher

The Falcons shocked their fanbase and perhaps their own quarterback taking Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall. This ignored the lack of a capable edge rusher on the current roster. The team has not had a great edge rusher since one outlier season from Vic Beasley Jr. which is a long time in the rearview. Now the team must find a day two or three fit or hope to find a trade partner which seems unlikely at this point in the offseason.

Atlanta has a long list of draft needs but it is easy to make the case this is the biggest need if they expect to be a playoff contender. In today's league, how can you expect to win if you never can put pressure on the opposing quarterback?

This is the reason that Atlanta has seen so many subpar quarterbacks abuse their defense over the last two seasons. This was especially the case after the loss of Grady Jarrett the defense couldn't get to the quarterback consistently.

A second round pick isn't likely to change this right away but it is Atlanta's best possible path to fixing the position. A move must be made either early on day two or via trade or free agency.