3 draft picks the Atlanta Falcons gave up on too soon

The Falcons gave up on these three draft picks way too soon.
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While the Falcons have been known in recent history for holding onto players they drafted for too long (e.g. Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley), they have also had a few players who they should have given a longer leash.

Generally, teams give first-round picks too much time to develop while they cut mid-to-late round picks way too early. You can certainly see why that is but it doesn't change the fact that underdeveloped players should be given more time to develop and that is the case here.

We are going to look at three players who the Falcons shouldn't have let go of.

1. John Cominsky, DE

John Cominsky showed up at the Univesity of Charleston as a 215-pound quarterback/wide receiver/safety. He went on to gain 65 pounds to make a switch to the defensive line.

The Falcons saw him as a project and drafted him in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. He failed to make an impact in limited action over three seasons with the Falcons. The new regime released him and he was picked up by the Lions.

His time with the Lions has gone well as a nice rotational player. While he hasn't been a star by any means, his solid play is something the Falcons could have used these past two years. He is still new to the position and should have been given a longer leash by the Falcons.