3 draft picks the Atlanta Falcons gave up on too soon

The Falcons gave up on these three draft picks way too soon.
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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2. De'Vondre Campbell, LB

The Atlanta Falcons had a fantastic draft class in 2016 which propelled them to the Super Bowl. Dan Quinn had success drafting linebackers with the Falcons and De'Vondre Campbell is certainly one of those successes.

Covered up by Deion Jones' greatness, Campbell often went unnoticed as a versatile linebacker. The Falcons, rightfully, prioritized extending Jones over Campbell when their rookie contracts expired.

Even with limited money, the Falcons should have tried to bring Campbell back because he went on to be a fantastic player with the Green Bay Packers before injuries derailed him. He quickly became one of the best linebackers for a couple of years after joining the Packers.