3 Drastic improvements the Atlanta Falcons made this off-season

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3. Atlanta's coaching staff

Dean Pees deserves respect for what the veteran coach accomplished in this league as a coordinator and a well-respected leader. However, if we are being honest his time in Atlanta is at the bottom of the resume when it comes to accomplishments.

This is partly due to the lack of talent on Atlanta's roster over the past two seasons as well as Pees taking an odd approach when Atlanta had a lead. Playing very soft zone coverage of failing to have your team in position against obvious playcalls are partly on the players on the field but Pees deserves a level of blame as well.

Adding both Ryan Nielsen and Jerry Gray to the coaching staff is a very underrated part of Atlanta's off-season. Lost in the big free agent signings and quarterback debate is the fact that Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot brought two coaches to Atlanta that are both clearly qualified to run the defense.

Atlanta fans are well aware of what the New Orleans defensive lines have been capable of under Nielsen while Gray has enough accomplishments as a coach to easily be considered not only for a coordinator spot for a head coaching role. Atlanta added two perfect fits for a team that clearly needed new leadership on defense.