3 elite defenders the Falcons can still draft on day two

Just because the Atlanta Falcons didn't take a defender in the top ten doesn't mean they cannot land an elite one in the second round.
2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington
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Michael Penix Jr. was the first-round pick that stunned everyone. Nobody thought they would see a team that just paid a quarterback nine figures use a top-ten pick on a quarterback.

No matter where you stand in the decision, there is no denying that the Falcons can still land some elite defensive help in the second or third rounds of the draft. All hope is not lost for the defense since these players are still on the board for the Atlanta Falcons.

Iowa. Cooper DeJean. Cooper DeJean. 1. Dejean. 483. DB. player. .

Cooper DeJean can bring some versatility and physicality to the Atlanta Falcons. As a college corner, DeJean plays the position with a linebacker's mentality. He can line up inside our outside.

What he can also do is play safety. He plays with an attitude that will translate right into the NFL. Coaches are going to love him because there is nothing he is afraid of doing.