3 Exciting candidates to return punts for the Atlanta Falcons

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1. Scotty Miller (WR)

Speed kills and speed is what Scotty Miller has more than enough of. The Atlanta Falcons brought him in as their burner on offense so why not put him out there to field punts?

Miller seems like he has the ability to field punts as he was apparently the backup returner for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past season.

Scotty Miller didn't ever return any punts for the Buccaneers but he did return one kickoff for 19 yards back in 2021.

However, during his four years at Bowling Green, he had seven punt returners for a total of 38 yards—so he wasn't great in that role. That being said, it is a small sample size and it is hard to imagine that he wouldn't have some success with the killer speed he has.