3 Exciting candidates to return punts for the Atlanta Falcons

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3. Bijan Robinson (RB)

This is one that every Atlanta Falcons fan wants to see (minus the risk of injury). Bijan Robinson would be electric as a punt returner.

Bijan's vision, burst, speed, and everything would make him a special player fielding punts. There is also a scare factor that you would put in the opponent. From game one, they have seen Bijan's film, they know what he is capable of, and that alone could cause the coverage team to play too aggressively or too conservatively.

This is an exciting proposition and one that could actually happen as the Falcons have been coaching him up as a punt returner.

However, the risk of injury is the concerning part. All due respect to Scotty Miller and Clark Phillips but I think it is reasonable to say that they are more "replaceable" than Bijan Robinson. While Bijan would be an exciting return man, I don't know that it is worth the risk of losing him to injury. The running back position is physical enough but adding on punt return duties might be unnecessary.