3 Falcons defenders who can revive their career under Raheem Morris

Raheem Morris could be the best thing to ever happen to these three Falcons defenders.
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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Richie Grant, S

While I have been critical of Richie Grant during his professional career, hearing Raheem Morris speak candidly about what he thought about Grant before he studied him closely compared to what he thinks about him now was reassuring. Grant can flip his career around going into his fourth season.

"I told Richie when I got here that I was wrong on him, I didn't think he was as good a player as he is. And he's played really well and does some good things, tackles strong. I was in another place, obviously, when I evaluated him. But he's shown me a lot of really good things on tape."

Raheem Morris

Certainly, this does not change the fact that Grant hasn't been great during his career, but just hearing Morris say all of that makes me believe there is a path for the former second-round pick.

Morris didn't have to say all of that; the fact that he did means Grant still has what it takes to be a good player in the NFL.


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