3 Falcons playmakers who can revive their career under Zac Robinson

With a new offensive coordinator at the helm, these three Falcons will have their careers revived.
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2. Rondale Moore, WR

Rondale Moore has elite speed, it is the reason the Falcons traded for him this offseason. Moore could never find a consistent role with the Arizona Cardinals and now he gets to play with a team who sees a clear role for him.

He has never had more than one receiver touchdown in his career; that is going to change this year, He is going to be used as that do-it-all playmaker who lines up at receiver and in the backfield.

Don't be surprised to see him take handoffs to get the ball in his hands. It doesn't matter how the ball gets to him, he needs to be given the opportunity to race down the field because no one is going to catch him.