3 Atlanta Falcons who must step up to beat the Indianapolis Colts

These three Atlanta Falcons must step up if the Falcons want to keep their playoff hopes alive and beat the Indianapolis Colts

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Taylor Heinicke

The Atlanta Falcons have, once again, turned to Taylor Heinicke after some major road bumps with Desmond Ridder under center.

Arthur Smith and his team are hoping they can channel some 'Heinicke Magic' down the stretch and hopefully, into the playoffs. This is a quarterback who almost beat a Tom Brady-led team in the playoffs just a few years ago, so there is that possibility that he could find himself performing well.

The issue is that he was atrocious when he started those two games in the middle of the season. While the turnovers weren't there on a stat sheet, I can confidently say that he was worse than Ridder. While I still think it was the right move to turn to the veteran, he hasn't shown that he can do what is needed.

Heinicke has to find himself if the Falcons want to win against the Colts, and beyond.