3 Atlanta Falcons who must step up to beat the Indianapolis Colts

These three Atlanta Falcons must step up if the Falcons want to keep their playoff hopes alive and beat the Indianapolis Colts

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Jeff Okudah and/or Clark Phillips

We know that A.J. Terrell is a lockdown corner but when you have only one good corner, you have no good corners. Last week, the Panthers targetted the other side at nauseum. After having a strong start to his career as an outside corner, Clark Phillips really struggled. Jeff Okudah eventually ended up replacing him late.

Okudah has been a maddening player over the course of his NFL career. He has shown flashes of being the fourth-overall pick from a few years ago, but he has also been pretty dismal other times. Right now, the Falcons are watching the latter.

One of these players, or both, need to find consistency. The Falcons don't have that elite pass rusher who can cover up for deficiencies in the secondary. This secondary is the driving force of the defense. They need to continue what they have done for much of the year.

If Okudah or Phillips can play like the players they are capable of being then this defense will continue their dominance and give their team a shot at winning each week.

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