3 Former Atlanta Falcons players who might be done in the NFL

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1. Matt Ryan

Yes, Matt Ryan has made it clear he hasn't officially retired, however, nearing forty and having taken a lot of punishment in his career it wouldn't be shocking if this were the end. Following the same path as Tony Romo a season after being benched Ryan could join the CBS booth and never look back at playing again.

Ryan clearly at this point in his career needs a perfect situation to start or a backup job on a team making a Super Bowl push. While Matt has already accomplished more than enough to make the Hall having a ring even as a backup would help push the resume over the top for those that only remember Ryan for the Super Bowl failure.

Matt helped push a terrible franchise into consistent relevance giving the team the most extended period of success at the position in the history of the franchise. If this is the end for Ryan the veteran deserves to be remembered for the great starter he was one that was often forced to carry bad Atlanta defenses and will end his career as a top ten passer in nearly every major statistical category in an impressive career that deserves far more respect.