3 Former Atlanta Falcons players who might be done in the NFL

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2. Julio Jones

Whether or not this is the end for Jones all depends on what role Julio is ready to accept at this point in his career. It is sad to see both Julio and Ryan at the end not close to the players they were when together they carried Atlanta's offense and helped fuel a run to the Super Bowl and an MVP for the former Atlanta quarterback.

Julio forced his way out of Atlanta at the start of Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith's tenure over the Atlanta Falcons. Jones was traded to the Titans who released Julio a season later after poor production and injury issues.

Jones linked up with Tom Brady and Tampa Bay a season later in an effort to win the one thing that his resume was lacking. Instead Jones had the worst season of his career and finished under .500 with his only playoff highlights coming in garbage time.

It is hard to see a path forward in which Jones returns close to the player he once was with injuries and younger receivers blocking his path. It is completely possible Jones continues to play as a depth piece on teams hunting for a ring just as it is possible that the 2022 season was the final year of Julio's career.