3 Former Atlanta Falcons players who might be done in the NFL

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3. Takk McKinley

Obviously a vastly different situation from the other players on this list it is possible that Takk has had his final chance in this league. Atlanta Falcons fans are well aware of how Takk exited the team burning bridges on his way out and clearly no longer caring about the team or fans that had supported the young player.

Perhaps viewed as the final straw for the previous front office McKinley was one of the worst first-round picks in Atlanta's draft history and wasn't close to the pass rusher the team hoped him to be.

Since leaving Atlanta Takk has been a part of the Browns and Rams with neither team showing much interest in retaining the pass rusher. Managing only 2.5 sacks since leaving Atlanta and with far fewer concerning options in free agency it is hard to see many teams willingly signing up for a season of Takk.

McKinley is yet another example of a player with all the talent that simply wasn't able to take that next step and now could be at the end of what will be a very forgettable career.