3 Former Atlanta Falcons that are still free agents

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1. Julio Jones

Former Atlanta Falcon and franchise icon Julio Jones left the Falcons two seasons ago landing with the Titans and Bucs. Both stories had the same ending with Jones failing to stay healthy and make the expected impact putting up career lows in back-to-back seasons.

At this point in Julio's career, it is clear that the veteran is unable to stay healthy and not close to the player he once was. However, if Jones wants to continue his career there will be plenty of teams willing to offer Jones a no-risk deal. While the Falcons should be among those teams considering their need for leadership and depth at the position there are far more attractive landing spots for the veteran.

Two teams in particular that stand out are the Chiefs and Bills both teams that could use receiver depth and clear Super Bowl contenders. While landing with Tom Brady didn't get Julio's career back on track if there is one hope left of that happening it is Patrick Mahomes.

After losing Tyreek Hill the Chiefs were expected to take a step back and perhaps even struggle for the first time under Mahomes. Instead, Kansas City responded by finding a myriad of options at receiver and making a Super Bowl run. If Jones simply wants to hunt for a ring Kansas City is the clearest landing spot left for the former Falcon.