3 Former Atlanta Falcons that are still free agents

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2. Rashaan Evans

Rashaan Evans was the leading tackler for the Atlanta Falcons last season and it wasn't particularly close. Evans led the team with 159 tackles with safety Richie Grant coming in second with 123 tackles on the season.

Evans was a veteran that Arthur Smith was familiar with and brought on to help Mykal Walker and Troy Andersen take the next step. While Walker and Andersen both showed some development it was clear that Evans was the superior option last season.

This season, however, Atlanta has opted to focus on building the defensive line and secondary allowing Walker and Andersen to win the starting roles. While bringing Evans back would be a great depth move it is going to be hard to sell Atlanta's leading tackler on taking a reserve role.

Still, it is somewhat surprising that Evans hasn't been re-signed or landed elsewhere at this point considering the solid season the veteran put together. Rashaan ending back up with the Falcons is very unlikely at this point but can't be written off completely due to the lack of depth at the position.