3 Former Atlanta Falcons that are still free agents

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3. MyCole Pruitt

Update the Atlanta Falcons re-signed Pruitt on Tuesday morning on a one-year deal

The fact that MyCole Pruitt was Atlanta's 6th leading receiver in the 2022 season speaks to the struggles Atlanta had at receiver. Pruitt showed late chemistry with rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder and made a handful of impressive plays including catching 4 touchdowns on the season.

That tied Pruitt for the team lead with Drake London the team's primary option. There are a lot of reasons that Atlanta should bring back Pruitt despite adding Jonnu Smith this off-season. Aside from the obvious red zone threat, the reasons at the top of the list are the chemistry Ridder and Pruitt had and the fact Feleipe Franks is still on the roster.

Franks moved from quarterback to tight end last season and was underwhelming in his attempts to play the position. Bringing Franks back to a position where you could add a player that can make a proven impact would be a mistake.

Pruitt clearly can be added well within Atlanta's budget and the roster spot can be opened by making a move Atlanta should have long ago but cutting Franks. Pruitt will likely catch on elsewhere if Atlanta doesn't make the obvious decision and bring back a player that greatly improves depth at the position.