3 Former Atlanta Falcons the team should consider reuniting with

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1. Julio Jones

There is one receiver depth role on this team that is yet to be filled and Julio Jones returning to the Atlanta Falcons makes a level of sense. You have your starters in Drake London, Darnell Mooney, and Rondale Moore. Those are likely your three primary receivers with Kyle Pitts displacing Moore in the lineup often.

Julio Jones can fit in with this young group as a mentor in a player/coach role. Perhaps this is a bit of wishful thinking when this regime wants to put its own stamp on things. Though the fit does make a level of sense and gives Atlanta the chance to send out Julio on far better terms.

When Jones left Atlanta he was a primary receiver and a star in this league. Since leaving the Falcons Jones has watched his career take a step back each season. No longer is Julio a top option or even a starting one. The Falcons signing Julio would be about bringing back a veteran to lead and give a key catch here or there. Jones isn't going to be a huge contributor but that doesn't mean the move isn't without a level of value. His leadership and farewell tour in Atlanta would be a welcome story as Atlanta resets the franchise.