3 Free agency moves the Atlanta Falcons are laughing at right now

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2. Falcons are laughing at the Broncos for signing OT Mike McGlinchey to a massive contract

Who was the player that almost got Brock Purdy's arm torn off against Philadelphia in the playoffs a couple of months ago? Oh yeah, that was Mike McGlinchey.

Somehow, the Falcons watched McGlinchey get Bank of America delivered to his house and then turned around and convinced Kaleb McGary to re-sign on a reasonable contract. Here is the comparison between McGlinchey's and McGary's contracts.



Average per year

Total guaranteed

Kaleb McGary


$34.5 million

$11.5 million

$15 million

Mike McGlinchey


$87.5 million

$17.5 million

$52.5 million

If you were to just look at the contracts, Mike McGlinchey is the much better player, but as we all know, contracts don't usually tell the story.

Kaleb McGary became a serviceable pass blocker last season while also being one of the best run blockers in the league. Meanwhile, Mike McGlinchey was a less-than-serviceable (maybe even bad) pass blocker and a good run blocker. Needless to say, McGary is a better player in both facets of the game.

Do you want proof? McGary gave up the same number of sacks (6), the same number of hits (3), 8 fewer hurries (10), and eight fewer pressures (19) than McGlinchey. He also had half the penalties (5) that McGlinchey had (10). And for whatever it is worth, McGary played 12 more snaps (1,048), all of this according to Pro Football Focus.

Somehow the better player is making $6 million less per year and has $37.5 million less in guarantees after both became free agents at the same time. For heck's sake, the difference in guarantees totals more than the value of McGary's entire contract!