3 Free agency moves the Atlanta Falcons are laughing at right now

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3. Falcons are laughing at the Saints for signing QB Derek Carr

Derek Carr is a good quarterback, I will gladly admit that. However, the key is that he is good, not great. In today's NFL, you need a great or amazing quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

I am also willing to admit that Derek Carr is a better quarterback than Desmond Ridder—at this point in time. The difference between the two? We know what Carr is, while we have no idea what Ridder can be. For all we know, Ridder could be the next Joe Montana and guide the Falcons to a championship.

The other part of the equation is that the Saints are in cap hell, no matter what their fans might think. Yes, they get out of it every year—barely—but it holds them back from making moves that they want to make. With the signing of Derek Carr to a $150 million contract with $100 million guaranteed, they seem pretty committed to continuing with what hasn't worked.

Meanwhile, the Falcons have made their way out of their own cap hell and are now committed to a talented quarterback who is on a rookie contract. Atlanta is able to build a team around the QB that could end up being great.

The Saints signing Derek Carr did nothing but doom them to being—at best—a team where you say "yeah they are good but not good enough to win it all." At least with the Falcons, there is some volatility—which can be a good thing in the NFL.

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