3 free-agent moves from NFC South that should worry Atlanta Falcons fans

SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 7
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1. Carolina getting adequate protection for Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers made two splashy signings in free agency both for guards. Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis are now Carolina Panthers are making this offense worlds better from day one. The Panthers are the least scary team in the division but they did beat Atlanta once in 2023 and this move gives Bryce Young a chance to settle in.

Young was running for his life from week one in Carolina's offense. You know if Arthur Smith's Falcons are putting immense pressure on you that your pass protection is complete garbage. Young was put in a terrible situation and played about as well as could be expected.

The obvious fear for Falcons fans is we see the improved protection unlock Bryce Young. The version of Bryce we saw in the SEC that could scramble and buy time to make a play deep down the field. This player is what Carolina was expecting and what they can still get with capable pass protection and weapons.

The defense and lack of weapons keep these signings from being really concerning but it is still a step in the right direction for a franchise that had been lost.