3 free-agent moves from NFC South that should worry Atlanta Falcons fans

SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 7
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3. Mike Evans is back in Tampa

It wasn't enough to bring Baker Mayfield back the Bucs had to bring back the most underrated receiver in the league as well. Seriously what does Mike Evans need to do to be considered in the conversation? He has been quietly great with the conversation never seeming to include him.

Whether it was Tom Brady, Baker Mayfield, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jameis Winston, or any other backup Tampa looked to they knew Mike Evans was the number one option. To have gone through as many coaches and quarterbacks as Mike has and continue to put up the same numbers speaks to his greatness.

Atlanta did lose facing Christian McCaffrey and D.J. Moore twice a season recently perhaps it was too much to ask to have Evans exit the division as well. It is fun, however, to consider what type of numbers the receiver could be putting up if he were to play with Patrick Mahomes or one of the league's top five quarterbacks.

Regardless, Evans will be back in the NFC South in 2024 and continue to be a thorn in Atlanta's side for the foreseeable future.