3 Free agent quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could sign next off-season

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1. Kirk Cousins

If the Atlanta Falcons had Kirk Cousins this season the team would be NFC contenders. Cousins gets a lot of heat for a quarterback that in truth hasn't been on that many talented teams that were playoff contenders. Put Cousins in Dak's place in Dallas or in San Francisco and the conversation around the quarterback completely shifts.

The problem for the Falcons is the fact that Cousins is going to be the best quarterback on the market. It is hard to imagine the Falcons being able to spend the contract it is going to take to land Kirk Cousins.

Atlanta has a roster that is ready to win now and the NFC will be wide open it appears yet again heading into the 2024 season. Cousins opting to stay in the NFC with a team that has Atlanta's young weapons makes sense. Though there is always the 49ers lurking if they aren't happy with Purdy by season's end. Cousins would be the perfect quarterback for Arthur Smith and give the team the balance they have been unable to find with Desmond Ridder as the starter.

No matter whether it is Heinicke or Ridder by season's end it seems that this team is going to be in the market and Cousins is the best option in free agency.