3 Free agent quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could sign next off-season

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2. Ryan Tannehill

Arthur Smith fixed Ryan Tannehill once before I suppose it could work again in Atlanta with the Falcons signing Ryan and drafting a quarterback. This is the frustrating reality of where the Falcons are at the position and why it is so difficult to find the most important position in this league.

The Falcons are just good enough to win their way out of adding one of this year's top quarterbacks in the draft class. This means you are left taking on an expensive veteran or a project quarterback as the team has done with Ridder.

Ryan isn't an exciting addition, but you can win games with the veteran in this offense. Tannehill is clearly more talented than Heinicke and has more consistent success than Ridder. The question for Smith is are you desperate enough to turn to another former quarterback?

We have seen this movie once before with Marcus Mariota but again what other options do the Falcons have if they can't land Cousins or trade up? There could be a surprise option on the market but we are only dealing with quarterbacks we know will be free agents leading us to our next possible fit.