3 Free agent quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could sign next off-season

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3. Carson Wentz

This spot is going to be a desperate move no matter who you include as the 3rd most interesting fit in next year's quarterback free-agent class. Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston, and Sam Darnold are the other contenders. All of these players have obvious issues and aren't likely to be much better than Desmond Ridder. If anything it would be closer to the offense that we saw with Marcus Mariota with any of these starters.

However, if forced to pick a third option out of current free agents the obvious choice should be Carson Wentz. While Carson is far removed from it there was a time when we saw Wentz play at an MVP level with the Eagles.

Yes, this is a long time in the rearview but with the names listed above you get an idea of how limited Atlanta's choices are. Best to go with the player who has at least played a string of games at an MVP level over the rest of a very limited free-agent class.

Unless things completely blow up for Atlanta this isn't happening it will be either Cousins or Tannehill if the Falcons go with a free agent.