3 Free agents do-overs for Atlanta Falcons from 2023

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1. Signing Mack Hollins as your second option at receiver

This isn't a shot at Mack Hollins but rather dealing with the fact that this will be the biggest role of Mack's career. Hollins is a great signing as your third or fourth option, a willing blocker who is coming off of a career season with the Raiders and hopefully is ready to take that next step.

Signing non-star players coming off of career-best seasons is always a bit of a red flag and that is exactly what Fontenot did signing Mack Hollins. This isn't to say Atlanta shouldn't have added the receiver but rather they would have been far better served to add a proven second option or at least cheap depth to the position.

With prices skyrocketing at the position and Atlanta having capable targets in Drake London, Patterson, Kyle Pitts, and Bijan Robinson it is understandable to want to avoid adding a top name. However, Atlanta could have easily added depth at the position for a reasonable price adding competition and giving someone else a chance to at the very least compete for a starting role.

Perhaps Hollins will continue his upward trend and prove this sentiment incorrect but for the time being it is clear on what is a good roster there is reason for concern when it comes to receiver.