3 Free agents do-overs for Atlanta Falcons from 2023

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2. Falcons signing swing tackle Germain Ifedi

Germain Ifedi was re-signed by the Falcons very early on in the off-season after a solid season as a backup. Ifedi was thought to be Atlanta's backup to McGary and Jake Matthews likely making the roster as a swing tackle and a clear starting option in case of injury.

Atlanta quickly changed their mind, however, cutting Ifedi less than two months after signing the offensive lineman. The decision was one of the odder moves of the Atlanta off-season. Perhaps another player has shown impressive development or there was an unknown issue with Ifedi.

Regardless the timing of the signing and cut was odd and left a clear question mark at the position. Atlanta lacks a proven backup option for either tackle spot with a pre-season and camp competition likely upcoming.

Barring unknown information this was an odd decision and one the Falcons may regret if the team does suffer an injury at either tackle spot. Ifedi had no problem securing a landing spot quickly signing with the Lions after leaving Atlanta.