3 free agents still available for the Falcons before the draft

Three available free agents who the Falcons could sign before Thursday's draft.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Jamal Adams, S

The Seahawks got burned in the Jamal Adams trade. While Adams has been good at points in his career, he is limited in coverage and has been injured more often than not.

There is no reason for any team to sign him to anything more than a one-year deal. There is too much risk to take a big swing at a long-term contract. If the Falcons can agree one-year deal for a few million, then they should add him.

With a free safety like Jessie Bates patrolling the middle of the field, Jamal Adams could be the sub-linebacker. Putting him in a position to play in short areas and use his physicality would help him be the player he once was. The Falcons need to sign him so they don't have to force drafting a strong safety.