3 Free agents the Atlanta Falcons should consider signing this summer

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3. Julio Jones

This is a suggestion that is going to garner a myriad of responses based on how you feel about Julio's exit and the expectations at this point in his career. Signing Julio isn't about adding a top receiver but adding a leader and possibly cheap production. When Jones manages to stay healthy the receiver is still more than capable of being a great second or third option at his position.

Julio isn't returning to Atlanta to be the player he once was but rather to help lead in Atlanta's next window to contend and provide occasional plays for an offense that already has a wealth of weapons.

It is clear that the Falcons won the divorce with Julio who now is sitting well into the summer still searching for a landing spot or perhaps even considering retirement. Bringing Jones back to Atlanta for a final run is a clear fit and a move both sides should consider.