3 free agents the Atlanta Falcons will have interest in next year

These free agents in 2025 should receive interest from the Atlanta Falcons.
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3. CB Michael Carter II, New York Jets

Let's keep picking on the New York Jets. Michael Carter has become one of the best slot corners in the game. Last season, he had a fabulous year helping an overwhelmed, yet elite defense.

The Jets will have a lot of hard decisions to make next offseason and their defensive Michael Carter is one of those. They may not have the capital to keep him around.

The Falcons, meanwhile, have to make difficult decisions with A.J. Terrell and their two slot corners Mike Hughes and Dee Alford.

One avenue they could take is extending Terrell and allowing their two inside corners to walk in favor of the highly productive Michael Carter II. As great as Alford and Hughes have been, this would be an upgrade at a critical position for the Atlanta Falcons.

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