3 Games the Atlanta Falcons must win in the 2023 season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers

Outside of Tampa Bay, Green Bay has the clearest argument as a team that screams major regression in the 2023 season despite missing the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers ended his career with the Packers by throwing an interception that ended Green Bay's chances of claiming the last playoff spot and handed Geno Smith and the Seahawks a first-round exit.

Now the team is turning to Jordan Love and clearly didn't do enough to get better this past off-season losing a majority of their veteran production and leadership. It isn't hard to see that both the Lions and Vikings are far better than the Packers.

Green Bay is in for a lost season evaluating a quarterback who is clearly not any better than the player the Packers just jettisoned to New York. This is a 6-7 win team at best and the Falcons have to take care of business against what should be an inferior quarterback and clearly is a worse roster.

Atlanta's winning these three games and splitting an easy division schedule has the team at 6 wins with what should be very winnable games lefts in Houston, Arizona, Tennessee, and Chicago making the path to 10 wins as easy as it will ever be.