3 Home games Atlanta Falcons fans shouldn't miss in 2024

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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3. Dallas Cowboys

Anything that happens against Dallas is going to be magnified. This makes this game not more important but perhaps more interesting. The brand of the Dallas Cowboys is going to offer the Falcons a lot of atention leading up to game day and in the fallout after.

The placement on the schedule will determine how important that could be. If it is later in the year it might be a critcial game to win to prove they can cotend in the NFC. Regardless, seeing this game is less about who wins and more about the stadium.

Cowboys fans are everywhere and with that comes a healthy road crowd. Atlanta fans cannot allow an NFC contender to take over their own stadium. Not only that but this game offers many Atlanta fans the chance to see a team they don't often match up against.

Love them or hate them the Cowboys are fascinating this season. With roster changes being made and Dak Prescott nearing hitting free agency this team should be predictably dramatic. The Cowboys are helped by the fact their division seems to be very much up for grabs. Washington and New York appear to be lost while Philly took a huge step back to end the 2023 season.

Atlanta vs. Dallas has a chance to be a playoff preview with two teams with frustrating playoff history looking to redeem themselves.