3 Important Atlanta Falcons returning from injury in 2024

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1. Avery Williams

It is easy to forget the value Avery Williams brought to the Atlanta Falcons roster. You have a player that can serve as emergency depth at corner and running back. Williams should be the third back on this roster if the team doesn't add to the position in the draft.

The most obvious way he was missed, however, was in the return game. Watching Mike Hughes return punts was painful. It was a reminder that the role isn't for every player with a quick first step. Avery Williams thrived in the role and will look to reclaim it heading into the 2024 season.

Williams will also help the Falcons navigate the new kick-off rule. If you haven't seen it the new kick-off style is going to benefit shifty one-cut kick returners. Avery Williams qualifies as such and should be considered the favorite for the role to start the year.

Ray-Ray- McCloud is a great option as well but the Falcons should give the job to Williams. A cheap option that Atlanta has developed and brings the ability to play multiple positions. Avery Williams was missed in the 2023 season and should play a larger role than when we last saw him.