3 Important Atlanta Falcons returning from injury in 2024

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2. Grady Jarrett

If you look at the numbers in the games directly after the Atlanta Falcons defense lost Grady Jarrett it is shocking. It speaks to the impact that Jarrett was having and the leadership that the veteran brought to this young group of defenders. Jarrett is Atlanta's best pass rusher as well no matter what the numbers might suggest.

Jarrett isn't going to put up big sack numbers due to where he plays and how opposing teams handle him. However, the pressure that he brings and demanding consistent double teams tells you all you need to know about his talent.

The question now is can Jarrett stay healthy and how close to himself will he be? This was a serious injury that is going to take time to bounce back from. Atlanta badly needs Jarrett to be the version of himself he was before the injury.

However, it is fair to expect a small step back as Jarrett works back into the rotation. Atlanta is hopeful they can get a full season of David Onyemata and Grady Jarrett together. The duo will greatly improve Atlanta's pass rush as well as give the team great interior run defense. Atlanta badly needs a healthy Grady Jarrett in 2024.