3 Important Atlanta Falcons returning from injury in 2024

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3. Kyle Pitts

Yes, Kyle Pitts played in the 2023 season and remained healthy for most of the year. However, does anyone truly believe that Kyle was close to himself in the 2023 season? Turning back on the tape it stands out just how hampered that Pitts was in the 2023 season.

Without the full injury information, it was fair to question Kyle's effort or if the tight end had lost a step. Arthur Smith put Kyle Pitts on the field too soon and didn't provide the full injury information for the fanbase. Add in the fact that Desmond Ridder was his starting quarterback and the struggles make plenty of sense.

Kyle's ceiling in this league is still unknown. Now with Zac Robinson and Kirk Cousins, fans are going to see exactly what the tight end is capable of. With another full offseason to get healthy this is Kyle Pitts best chance to produce since his rookie season.

The handling of the injury remains questionable for a player who was expected to be a franchise cornerstone. Regardless, now is the time for Pitts to go out and earn an extension competing with Drake London to be Kirk Cousins' top target.