3 key defensive free agents the Falcons could pursue during free agency

Here are 3 key free agents the Atlanta Falcons should pursue who would bring immediate value to their roster.

Danielle Hunter would be a huge addition for the Falcons.
Danielle Hunter would be a huge addition for the Falcons. / David Berding/GettyImages
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2. Danielle Hunter could be a difference maker for the Atlanta Falcons

Danielle Hunter is an instant upgrade for any defensive unit. His presence alone could turn a mediocre defense into a good one and he excels at both rushing the passer and stopping the run. That's the kind of impact Hunter has made over the years as a member of the Minnesota Vikings and hopefully, he will bring his talents to Atlanta and bolster the entire unit.

His last name truly sums up who he is as he hunts down quarterbacks with reckless abandon. Whoever has the ball in their possession whenever Hunter touches the field is always in danger of making a highlight reel for the wrong reasons as Hunter often always delivers hits with bad intentions.

Hunter is capable of playing the edge in a 3-4 defensive scheme or he can line up on the end or even at defensive tackle in a 4-3 base defense. His versatility and ability to play multiple positions increases his value as he will be able to adapt to whatever scheme Lake decides to implement.

It's likely that the Vikings won't attempt to resign Hunter or even place him under the franchise tag as they appear to be headed towards a rebuild. Hunter probably doesn't want to spend the rest of his prime years on a non-contender and he will likely move on.

The Falcons have a few players on their defense who are capable of making an impact. Players like Jessie Bates III, A.J. Terrell, and Kaden Ellis with the addition of Hunter would only propel the defense to new heights.

Even though the Falcons have the 8th overall selection, they should still attempt to sign Hunter if the opportunity presents itself. Even if they draft a pass-rushing specialist in the 1st round, none of those players are even as half as good as Hunter. And if the Falcons are fortunate enough to sign the 8-year veteran long-term, they still could draft a player for Hunter to mentor and hopefully follow in his footsteps.

Hunter is a certified game wrecker and has been extremely productive throughout his career. He ended up finishing tied for the lead in tackles for loss, was tied for 3rd in forced fumbles, and finished 4th in sacks. Hunter also became the fastest and youngest player to reach the 50-sack plateau. The fact that the Falcons already have a decent defense in place already could motivate Hunter to come to Atlanta, also because Morris and Lake both have extensive defensive backgrounds, and they will put him in the best position to achieve personal success and win.