3 Keys for an Atlanta Falcons victory in New York

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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3. Arthur Smith must keep it simple

Many Atlanta Falcons fans are not over a key play last week that cost the team and showed their frustration with Arthur Smith. Smith motioned one of his linemen to the left side of the line leaving two blockers for three would-be tacklers. This of course is the side that Smith ran a key play to that never had a chance. Sometimes Smith's misdirection might work but there are times when you do the unexpected and it is that for a reason. Why would anyone run to the side of the field that benefitted the defense the most?

That has been the frustration with Arthur Smith all season. The way he calls this offense costs the team seemingly as often as it helps. For this game, however, Smith doesn't need to try to outthink the room. Run the offense as you did in week one throwing screens and keeping the ball on the ground.

Yes, moving forward that isn't going to be enough but against this team that is all Atlanta needs to do to win. They have the better rushing attack and simply need to keep it simple to lock this game up and take better control of the NFC South.